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Sheen Estevez, Ace Attorney

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"You’re obsessed with what’s on the surface, I’m obsessed with what’s beneath the surface."

"Then midnight came and everyone turned back into their true selves… How unfortunate a moment can’t last forever."

- NightLife

"The sad truth of the world is, we only truly care about ourselves."

- Me


The saddest thing in the world is when you’re really excited to see a person and you’ve imagined all these scenarios in your head about how it would go and then you get there and it’s awkward and you’re both distant and you leave with this crushing sadness and this insistence that that wasn’t how it was supposed to be

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you need to


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Heres a picture of me being ugly


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I wonder what this post will be..

I wonder what this post will be..
Hmm.. Wait. What is that I see?
A rhyme!!! It’s a rhyme!!!!
Oh! And it came just in time!

“Swearing is unattractive” I’m not attractive anyway so fuck off

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i don’t know what i am doing with my life or my hair

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